Mini Brew Bucket 3.5 Gal (US)

£112.50was £129.17

The Brew Bucket was the very first product we ever invented. Essentially we were home brewers sick of the fact that there were no affordable quality 304 stainless steel fermenters on the market. It’s no secret that stainless steel is the superior material for sanitary fermentation. You don’t see your local craft brewery fermenting in plastic for a reason. Stainless is more sanitary than plastic and safer than glass.

The signature conical base of the Brew Bucket minimizes potential off flavour yeast contact during fermentation, and allows the yeast to concentrate for a clean transfer.

All sizes of brew buckets fit nicely into standard chest freezers for convenient temp controlled fermentation.

Conical base with rotatable racking arm

Stackable - saves space

Silicon base

⅜” Mini ball valve for transfers and gravity samples

Wide lid with secure spring clamps

17mm port in lid for ½” blow off tubing

Etched volume markings gals/liters

304 Stainless Steel

3.5 gallon capacity (US)

11” Diameter

16” Height

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