SSV Spunding Valve


New design with pressure gauge included.

The spunding valve is used to air in naturally carbonating beer. Keeping your process hygienic and sanitary.

Attach your spunding valve to your tanks late in your fermentation process when most of the sugars in the wort have been processed by your yeast.

The spunding valve carefully controls the release of CO2 keeping the tank pressurized and producing a desired effervescence and mouthfeel.

The spunding method’s advantages are considerable. Naturally carbonated beers often have brighter flavours and more consistent mouthfeel.

• Adjustable pressure relief.

• 0.2-2.2 Bar

• Quick release pressure relief knob to help equalise the pressure quickly and efficiently.

• Polycarbonate cup to hold sanitiser solution, ensuring your tank remains 100% sanitary throughout.

• 63mm diameter gauge for easy pressure identification.

• Gauge is quick release through a 1.5” tri clamp fitting.

• Spunding valve connection through a 1.5” quick release tri clamp fitting.

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