1.5" Single Pump Booster Set, Variable Speed MH48


Multistage Variable Single Pump Booster

The single pump constant pressure cold water booster set, is designed to increase the pressure of water services within a building where the existing incoming main is not sufficient. If the supply of water fails during operation the pump automatically shuts down to prevent damage and re-starts again once water is restored. The pressure boosters are suitable for private water supply applications, particularly where constant pressure is required or where there are large fluctuations in demand.

Key Benefits 
• 304 Stainless steel WRAS approved pumps
• BMS Volt Free Contacts
• Variable speed inverter
• Dry run protection
• PWB 8 litres WRAS approved pressure vessel
• Glycerine filled pressure gauge
• Tested and programmed prior dispatch
• Stainless steel Fittings
• Available in twin and triple set options


Full WRAS approved pump
Supply Voltage: 230v – 1ph – 50hz
Motor P2 (kw): 1.50
Inlet: 1 1/2"
Outlet: 1"
Typical mid curve duty: 180 l/min @ 3.4 Bar
Full Load Current: 8 amps

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