20/25 HL 3.0 Bar DPV


  • Top plate fabrication with integrated safety valves, CIP connections and optional top & bottom pressure mounting boss
  • 100mm PU insulation with fully welded 304 stainless steel cladding in number 4 finish
  • Top or side mounted mandoor
  • Concealed electrical conduit, drain & CIP connections
  • Any Inlet/Outlet connections as required
  • Dished head & bottom tank with spun dished head and conical bottom


  • Temperature probe mounting boss (thermowell)
  • Fully factory calibrated pressure relief valve
  • Kieselmann fully factory calibrated pressure relief valve with calibration certificate
  • Anti vacuum valve pre-calibrated to 0.05 bar vacuum relief
  • Rotating CIP spray ball
  • Fully hygienic sample tap

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