Booch Tank- 3 Sizes


With the Booch Tank, we’ve taken a fresh look at the Kombucha brewing and fermenting process. The wide, full removable lid makes SCOBY retrieval easy, and the optional heating element allows for an all-in-one brewing and fermentation vessel.  The newly designed airlift is a revolution to kombucha fermentation, introducing sterile air to support healthy SCOBY growth and propagation.


304 Stainless has long been the go-to material for beer brewing, plastic doesn’t hold up, and glass is just downright dangerous.  Walk into any brewery, Beer or Kombucha, and you’ll find them filled with Stainless Steel for good reason.  The Booch Tank’s quality Stainless Steel will handle the acidity of Kombucha brewing for years to come.



The Booch Tank uses a new, custom-designed version of our fermenter lid.  Instead of the standard 3 inch TC top port, all Booch Tanks feature a large diameter 8 inch TC port to increase airflow.  Then we went one step further and custom tailored a fine mesh screen that allows the Scoby to breathe while still keeping out unwanted bugs.




The Brew Bucket has always been a popular choice for Kombucha because of its 100% diameter lid. The wide opening allows for easy SCOBY removal and transfers.  When we began designing the Booch Tank, we knew we this would be a defining feature.


304 Stainless Construction

100% Diameter Lid

O2 Port with Mesh Screen

Sanitary TC connections

Sanitary Butterfly Valve

Pro-Style Sampling Valve

10 gal - 13.8" dia. / 21.5" height

Half bbl - 15.7" dia. / 24" height

1 bbl - 21.7" dia. / 27.6" height

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