Braided Reinforced clear PVC Hose


Sold by the metre,

For beverage line, filling line, water or chemical transfer application.  Open mesh polyester braiding permanently encapsulated in the wall of clear flexible PVC tubing providing full visual flow.  Corrosion and abrasion-resistant.

Sizes listed as ID

* Certified NSF-51 for food, free of DEHP.  Non-toxic ingredients conform to FDA standard

* Sold by the meter

* Tensile Strength, psi 2500 Elongation at Break, % 300

* Brittle Temperature -50°F

* Max. Operating Temperature 140°F

* Working pressure at 70°F:  1/4" @ 300 psi.

                                               3/8" @ 230 psi

                                               1/2" @ 215 psi

                                               3/4" @ 150 psi

                                               1.0" @130 psi

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