Electric Malt Mill 2


Electric Malt Mill 2 Adjustable Rollers Stainless Grain Grinder with 10LBS Hopper Barley Grinder Crusher 40PRM 220V 20W for Grains Grinding and Home Brewing


1. Simple switch, easy to operate.

2. Stainless steel drum and aluminum hopper, it can hold up to 10 pounds of grain at the same time.

3. Heavy duty double roll mill with adjustable clearance.

4. Simple adjusting-just loosen the adjustment screws, adjust the gap and tighten the adjustment screws.

5. Multi-function grinder, grain,beans,seasonings,the best life assistant

Technical Parameters:

Roller quantity: 2

Roller diameter: 6"x1.5"

Roller adjustable range: 0-0.065"

Roller material: Stainless Steel

Hopper capacity: 10lbs

Hopper material: Aluminum

Hourly output:13-22lbs/h

Speed: 40PRM

Voltage: 220V , Power: 20W

Shipping weight: 13lbs

Package Contents:

1 X malt mill

4 X hoppers

1 X geared motor

2 X wheel


Wash with water before use.

There is no need to apply vegetable oil to the surface of the drum during the production process.


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