FTSs² Heating Upgrade Kit | Brew Bucket 7 gal (US)

$183.00was $203.00

  • This kit is for existing owners of our Brew Bucket FTSs system that want a switchable controller and a custom heater pad that fits on your brew bucket (under the neoprene insulating jacket).  
  • Kit includes: 1x heater pad,  1 x power supply, and 1 x switchable FTSs digital controller 
  • Digital temp controller (displays both C/F)
  • 110-240V (global use) 8A power supply
  • Use your original / existing components such as FTSs chiller coil, neoprene jacket, FTSs lid, etc.  This is an UPGRADE KIT for existing FTSs kit owners that have an FTSs kit for Brew Buckets

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