Home Brew Hydrometer and 300 mm Brewing Home Brew Thermometer


Home Brew Hydrometer to measure the specific gravity of wine and beer while brewing, also designed for home use. This wine and beer home brew hydrometer will monitor the fermentation process and allows the percentage alcohol to be determined easily with a zoned scale. The very best in home brew equipment.

Hydrometer Range: 0.98 to 1.12 °SG
Divisions: 0.002
Product Material: Soda glass, steel shot ballast, Synthetic wax resin
Product Weight: 37g (including protective plastic tube and instruction sheet)
Product Length: 230 mm

Home Brew Thermometer with 52 mm Dial and 300 mm probe length with attachment clip. Can be clipped on the side of fermentation bucket or barrel. This brewing thermometer will measure temperatures between -10 and 100 C. It is easy to attach and read with the red pointer and black clear and easy to read temperature scale. 

Dial Size: 52 mm
Probe Length: 300 mm/30 cm
Temperature Range: -10 to 100 C
Attachment Clip For Fermentation Bucket or Barrel
Easy to Use and Clean

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