Hopinator - Hop gun


Full stainless steel construction SS304L

For dissolving hop pellets into finished beer

Efficient extraction providing repeatable and defined flavouring and allowing for reduced hop usage.

Easily integrated into existing cellar and cold room setups

Reduced turbidity while providing increased biological stability

Hinged 450mm top entry domed pressure door

High and low level sight glass

3.0 bar(g) pressure rated with safety relief valves

Designed primarily for dry hopping into the fermentor but can also be used for the addition of flavourings or adjuncts

Internal, perforated candle with 3mm pore sizes to ensure effective breakdown of the pellet hops and maximise hop surface area.

Up to 45% increase in Linalool yield, 160% increase in myrcene yield.


Kieselmann pressure relief valve with factory calibration set to 3.0 bar(g)

CIP and product routing butterfly valves

CIP spray balls and nozzles to ensure full and effective cleaning of the entire unit

Mobile trolley with braked castors.

0 to 4 bar(g) analogue pressure gauge.

Top mounted bleed off ball valve.

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