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12HL 304 Hopnic

Net volume: 12 HL

Gross volume: 16 HL

Diameter: 1516 mm approx

Height: 2204 mm approx

  100mm insulation, rock wool with 304 fully welded

cladding with number 4 polish finish

  DN500 access door with acid etched logo and spring


  Side square man door for digging out

  Rotary and fixed type spray balls to ensure no

shadowing inside the vessel

  DN150 Vapor stack and flu assembly. Alternatively,

internal condensate flues can be provided at no

additional cost

● Concealed electrical conduit, drain & CIP


● CIP underlets with check valves on each underlet

and fully adjustable spray pattern

● Balance tube with vacuum protection for the plates

and level switches mounted to control runoff flow

rate and pumped transfer

False bottom with fully laser cut and ‘V’ machined false

floor plates with a filter area of approximately 2.5m 2

Full Stainless steel construction. Including all wetted

parts, legs, and cladding

Inner surface polished to Ra≤0.8μm

4 legs constructed from 304 stainless steel fully



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