Keg Filling Manifold Kit

£2,100.00was £2,400.00


Grade 316 stainless steel keg filling 4 port manifold with stand

 Keg filler beer stop fob and 'S' style keg coupler with 1/2" shut off valve and barb x 4

Grade 316 1.5" clamp ended sight glass x 1

Grade 316 1.5" butterfly valve with pull handle x 1

Grade 316 1.5" blank cap x 1

Grade 304 double hinged clamps x 7

Type A, EPDM blue type seals x 7

Grade 316 1.5" Tri clamp x 0.5" hose barb x 4

Braided clear reinforced PVC hose x 4 2M lengths


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