Mattei Blade 4-5-7-11


Mattei Blade 4 -5-7-11 series belt driven air compressors are easy to handle, robust and versatile, and are the perfect solution for small and medium-sized companies and small craft businesses.
Flow rate from 0.60 to 1.70 m³/min.
Powers of 4 kW, 5.5 kW, 7.5 kW, 11 kW.

Energy Savings

Equipped with IE3 class energy saving electric motors.
Compared to competitors’ compressors, Blade series compressors feature a very low rotation speed. This distinctive feature of Mattei compressors results in greater reliability, lower energy consumption and very silent operation.

Simple Economical Maintenance

The Blade series requires minimum maintenance, the few operations required are facilitated by proper kits specifically designed to speed up the operations. The motor-compressor transmission is carried out through a double high-efficiency V-belt, whose tension is ensured by a sliding tensioning system. This feature minimises belt wear, extends its service life and facilitates maintenance operations.

Efficient Cooling

Blade 4-5-7-11 compressors are equipped with two aluminium radiators that ensure efficient oil and compressed air cooling. Cooling is an important element of compressed air production process, as it contributes to increasing the efficiency of the system and its reliability. 

Quality Compressed Air

The special multi-stage air-oil separation allows achieving a top air quality with very low oil residues. The integrated oil separation system ensures a content of residual oil lower than 3 mg/m³.

Electronic Control

Blade 4-5-7-11 series compressors are equipped with a Maestro XB electronic controller, whose graphic display allows constantly monitoring oil temperature, line pressure, and the enable, operation, and load hours.

Compact Design

Blade 4-5-7-11 compressors complete with receiver have a footprint of just one square metre.


  • S version on 270l receiver;
  • SE version on 270l receiver and dryer: for applications where dry, moisture-free air is of crucial importance for production.

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