Portable Flowmeter


The unit monitors liquid media. It detects the 3 process variables volumetric flow, totaliser quantity, medium temperature.

The unit detects the flow based on the magnetite inductive volumetric flow measuring principle.

The unit also detects the medium temperature, and features an IO-Link interface.

The unit also displays the current process value.

● Fully hygienic
● Pre calibrated
● 2” straight through
● Lithium ion battery (up to 8 hours run time)
● Medium temperature for accurate readings: -10°C — 70°C
● Max/min flow rates: 5 — 300 Litres per minute
● 3 pin 13A UK plug
● 12 hour charge time

Choose your flow meter with the reducers you require

Option to buy the flow meter without reducers is also available 


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