Ss Brewtech Bundle Option 2

£24,000.00was £28,000.00

If you are thinking about taking your brewing to the next level Ss Brewtech is the option you should be considering. Here we have a package with everything you need to get brewing. The 1BBL (US) Nano Brewhouse is a 3 vessel brewhouse capable of brewing a wide selection beers. To go along with the brew house are two fermentors in the Jacketed Unitanks. 

Ss Brewtech set out to design a line of Jacketed Unitanks by taking the same robust material thickness, finishing standards, and glycol jacketing as their Pro Unitanks, then scaled them down to popular pilot and nano brewery sizes. There are also two Brite tanks which also double up as serving vessels. This package also comes with Ss Brewtech's own Glycol Chiller. This is able to Crash cool and maintain temperature. Each vessel comes with its own temperature controller for more accurate control. 


Equipment in this Bundle 

1x 1BBL Nano Brewery

2x 1BBL Jacketed Unitanks

2x 1BBL Brite Tanks Brewmaster Edition

1x 3/4HP Glycol Chiller

2x FTSs for Brite Tanks

2x FTSs for Jacketed Unitanks

2x Sampling Coils

1x Chugger Pump

4x 1.5" to 1/2" Hose Barbs

2x 1/2" Hose


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