2 Vessel Brewhouse


Our Brew-Bloc 2 is intended for a multitude of applications, whilst maximising the use of space through higher specification design and flexibility when compared with other two vessel options.

That might be a more traditional UK mash tun design, or a typical European style plant with a Lauter tun. We use the same exceptional design, finish and features as our other Brew-Bloc systems, with the flexibility to decide what’s right for your brewery, and your bespoke needs.

The Brew-Bloc 2 is available in any size, from 10HL – 50HL brew length, and can produce up to two brews in 14 hours.

The smaller batch size makes the Brew-Bloc 2 perfect for brewery taps, pub breweries, or as a pilot plant for larger production operations. Our focus on aesthetics mixes form and function, making the system perfect for any retail environment.

All our brewhouses arrive tried and tested. The Brew-Bloc’s solid frame construction is designed for fast installation without compromising on quality. Everything you need to produce quality wort is included, from the mash hydrator through to the wort oxygenator.


  • 5mm stainless steel laser cut filtering plates with ‘v’ grooves CNC machined into the back to ensure effective run off and improved malt extraction.
  • Fully welded stainless steel cladding available in a range of surface polishes and finishes (including anodised colour options).
  • Siemens automation hardware including HMI and PLC.
  • Full stainless steel construction of all wetted parts, platforms, legs, staircases, hand railings, flues, fixtures and fittings.
  • Hinged spring dampened DN480 Mandoors.
  • As standard, over 80% of components are sourced from European suppliers to ensure ease of access to spare parts and aftercare. E.g. Nord gearboxes, Endress & Hauser flowmeters, temperature and pressure devices from IFM, steam valves Spirax Sarco. You can also specify 100% European parts if requested.
  • Fully constructed, wired, piped, automated and water tested at our manufacturing facility to ensure minimal installation and snagging times on-site meaning installations can take as little as seven days (though every system is different – 14 days typical for under 30HL). Minimal down time means there’s no need to arrange contract brewing or a new site when looking to expand.
  • Horizontal external wort boiler to ensure minimal boiling times due to being able to start the boiling cycle only 5 minutes after starting transfer.
  • Aqua lung mash hydrator with glass viewing window. The exact same hydrator design used across all of our systems from 10-150HL.
  • 360degree coverage sparse ring assembly to ensure even washing of the grains and improving mash bed stability along with run off rate.
  • Fully concealed (beneath the cladding) CIP, electrical and process pipework.
  • Fully welded and fitted CIP system with independent hake static spray balls on the mandoors.
  • Anti vacuum plate protection to prevent suction damage occurring to the filter plates.
  • Magnetically coded door interlocks with built in safety e-stop system.
  • Siemens full colour touch screen control interface.
  • SSV proprietary software with continual improvement updates available as part of or servicing package.
  • Full UK based design, installation, project management, ingress, commissioning and optimisation support.
  • Access to our growing team of dedicated commissioning brewers who are on hand to assist with optimisations, recipe development, SOP development, staff training requirements and all other aspects of assisting you with your new brewhouse

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