4 Vessel Brewhouse


Our Brew-Bloc 4 is the best way to maximise production and cost efficiency. There’s a Mash conversion vessel, Lauter Tun, kettle, and whirlpool for a complete, un-compromised brewing process.

Where smaller designs use multi-function vessels for mashing or boiling, the Brew-Bloc 4 allows for more brewing cycles per day, with flexibility built in, and no compromise on wort quality. More brewing cycles leads to reduced batch brew length volume.

The Brew-Bloc 4 achieves maximum hop utilisation through an internal smash plate, external wort boiling mechanism, and a full whirlpool design. That means no internal structures for uncompromised whirlpool performance whilst breaking down hop pellets, and a compact tub cone to minimise losses.

All our brewhouses arrive tried and tested. The Brew-Bloc’s solid frame construction is designed for fast installation without compromising on quality. Everything you need to produce quality wort is included, from the mash hydrator through to the wort oxygenator.

Maximum Flexibility

There’s no need for smaller batch brew or pilot systems for your seasonal brews. You can mix small batches with larger core range product, with far greater consistency.

Cold Bloc

Utilise up to eight brew tanks for cold bloc processing, rather than doubles or triples. That means cost savings on new equipment, and in production with less tank changeover or product movement.

Stock Management

The flexibility to produce single batches allows for efficient stock management. No large batches or slower selling products taking up valuable storage space.

In-Built Growth

The flexibility to meet today’s needs, with the ability to brew more, and more efficiently, to meet future growth. A solution to build a 5-10 year plan around.


Modular design, 20hl, 30hl, 50hl, 80hl, 100hl per brew, max 7 batches per day. Lehui’s modular brewhouse is mainly designed for craft brewing process.

Four main vessels (Mash Tun, Lauter Tun, Wort Kettle, Whirlpool) including piping, valves, pumps, plate exchanger, platform, etc. will be pre-assembled as one module at our factory.



· The temperature and flow of mixed water can be adjusted and accurately measured.

· Dedicated raw material & water mixing device. Milled malt and water can be fully mixed before mash-in.

· High quality laser-welded jackets.

· More uniform distribution of spent grains.

· Balance column structure, smoother filtration.

· Simplified combined grain-raking and discharge unit ( FDW to rake the grain bed and REV to discharge spent grains).

· Large flow & low pressure rinsing device eases cleaning of Trub.

· Modularised design for easy dismount, transport and installation.

· By utilising Brewtech Brewing Control System, visualisation of processes can be realised with information tips and failure warning functions to integrate smart operation and recipe management.

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