IFM Magnetic Inductive Flow Meter SM9000


Magnetic-inductive flow meter ifm electronic SM9000

The SM9000 magnetic-inductive flow meter from ifm with a measuring range of 5-300 l/min ensures high accuracy, repeatability and measurement dynamics. There are two different outputs for signal processing: OUT = flow monitoring (binary), quantity meter (pulses), preset counter (binary) and OUT2 = flow or temperature monitoring (analogue or binary). Thanks to the flat-seal process connection G2 and flexible programming via pushbuttons the SM9000 magnetic-inductive flow meter can be adapted to the respective application. The SM9000 magnetic-inductive flow meter is used for flow rate measurement of conductive media, e.g. coolants in welding equipment.


  • Magnetic-inductive flow meter
  • Measuring range: 5-300 l/min
  • Process connection: G2 flat seal
  • Functions programmable
  • IO-Link 1.1
  • 2 outputs: OUT = flow monitoring (binary)
  • Quantity meter (pulses)
  • Preset counter (binary)
  • OUT2 = flow or temperature monitoring
  • Totaliser function
  • M12 connector


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