Half BBL (US) | Chronical Brewmaster Edition


The Chronical Brewmaster Edition is the most advanced fermenter on the market for home brewers. We took everything we’ve learned from pro brewing, and all the best features we’ve designed for the original Chronical fermenters and integrated them into the Chronical BME.

The included side-mounted chiller coil allows you to retain the domed lid for pressurized transfers. In addition, we added custom designed and compact professional grade butterfly valves. Combine those features with upgrades like a 3” TC port for dry hopping and CIP, sampling valve, neoprene insulating jacket, and you have the most complete fermenter available for brewers


FTSs temp controller now sold as a bundled option

Pro brewing geometry

Custom tooled compact butterfly valves

FTSs-ready side mounted chiller coil

3” TC lid port (accessories available)

Integrated pressure relief valve

Cone mounted sampling port

Neoprene insulation jacket

Etched volume markings gals/litres (US)

LCD temp gauge

Threaded inserts on leg bottoms (⅜”)


304 Stainless Steel

17 gallon capacity (US)

18” Diameter

37” Height


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